For Employers:

Get the best student interns.

As we consistently commit to helping students find purpose with true education, we seek employers (companies, business firms and organizations) to join us in developing students’ potentials for success through practical industry exposure.

Our core values include: Faith, Focus, Discipline, Industry, Virtue, Passion and Excellence.

Students’ level of exposure to industry improves their understanding of topical concepts and job-readiness.

School, Learning and Occupation

Can we count on you for this exposure?

What can you expect from Us?

As your partner, we will commit the following resources to the success of the partnership. The items below provides a guide, and the actual commitment of the resources for the partnership can be finalized during the negotiation process.

Students' Orientation

We provide adequate resources to manage and train industrial trainees on basic skills before commencing internship at your company.

Company Collaboration

All through the student's internship, we provide detailed resources to facilitate the relationship between your company and us.

Update Report

Access weekly student progress' report to be completed by company supervisor. We encourage honest and transparent feedback.

Students Monitoring

We ensure Industrial trainees maximize training opportunities through continuous assessment of practical knowledge and industry skills.

Partner Benefits

When you partner with us, your company gets featured on our company's database. This is a brand promotion strategy.

Student's Reward

Want to reward exceptional performance? We can help facilitate the award of special gifts, and scholarships offers to deserving students.

Students' Internship support

Why become a Partner?

There are different benefits and reasons for an employer or organization to partner with Us (The Circumspect).

  • First, your organization will help contribute significantly to improving access to practical skills development in the Nation. This is a major positive corporate social responsibility feat you can be proud of, and use in promoting your company image or brand.
  • Your organization will also benefit from the input of dedicated students who are eager to learn, as well as bright minds having high potentials of driving innovations at your organization.

You can begin by completing the Partnership Pledge of Consent Form, to express your interest in creating placement opportunities for our internship students. Our hope is that you will help us deliver relevant practical exposure and experience, that further consolidate the theoretical knowledge students acquire in school.

In our first year, we hope to have achieved at least:

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Students' Mentored
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Interns Placed
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Partnered Companies
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Industry Sectors