The Circumspect Ltd. is an ed-tech company seeking to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry in Nigeria. A major expression of this disconnect is, industries’ inaccessibility to, or rare usability of the knowledge gained in the higher institutions, especially from the results/outcomes of research projects.

Over 600,000 students (asides postgraduate students) graduating yearly spends an average of $47 on research. Consequently, an average of $28,200,200 is lost yearly in value of undigitized projects that could positively impact the over 73,000 Nigerian registered SMSEs in innovation, expansion and revenue.

This huge waste of resources can be traceable to the absence of a central database that stores, analyses and make research projects from higher institutions accessible both to the academia and industry. To solve this problem, we are building a database of Academia projects that’ll serve as a central point for accessing information on all research projects from institutions across Nigeria. We have tagged this solution product as: Central Universities Projects’ Portal.

To help us build this product in the best way possible, we are seeking collaboration with academic institutions, industry professionals as well as other interested individuals and business entities. You may reach us via email at

We urge everyone with questions or enquiries on the solution we are building to use the comment section below. We promise to reply every comment as quick as possible.

The Circumspect – Connecting Academia with Industry...



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  1. Wow, this is a great project you guys are up to. Can’t wait to see this project launch and be able to access valuable project findings from students across the nation.

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